The Increasing Popularity of CBD and Coffee Pairings

October 11, 2019

The Increasing Popularity of CBD and Coffee Pairings

It's no secret that CBD is making a name for itself these days. Users are touting its effectiveness with pain relief, anxiety treatment, skincare, and more. CBD is being consumed in food, taken in pill form, rubbed onto the skin, and placed by the drop-full on tongues worldwide - some are even sipping on CBD-infused coffee. That's right - CBD has entered the Java world to the delight of many.

CBD cafés are trending throughout the U.S. currently. For those who already use CBD, it's providing a new opportunity to utilize it within their daily routines. And, for those who are new to the product, it allows them to experience trying CBD in a manner that's convenient for them. In an interview with Bustle, founder of CBD establishment Grön Cafe, Christine Smith, states " It's providing something that's not intimidating, not threatening, but it's super suitable. The beautiful thing about chocolate or food is that it's something everybody's used to."

So, how are CBD coffee sippers describing their experience? Everyone is affected by CBD differently, so there isn't a "one size fits all" description of how you can expect to feel after an infused cup. One writer for Healthline, Melissa Malamut,  documented her recent experience in drinking CBD coffee. It's an interesting read and dissects and reflects a lot on how varying dosages affected her experience and her anxiety and productivity - One of her concluding thoughts being "I think when it comes to CBD, it may take a few tries to find the proper dosage that works for you. Talking to your doctor could help."

One of the  biggest reasons coffee is consumed (2.25 billion cups worldwide every single day!) is for its caffeine. Parents, workers, students, and anyone needing an energy boost have come to rely on the sleep-combatting effects of coffee. Understandably, many have wondered if drinking CBD-infused coffee is going to negate the desired energizing effects they seek. Recently, Robert Carson, a pediatric neurologist who studies CBD treatments for children battling epilepsy, told The Cut his speculations stating "I can’t say I’ve spent much time in New York, but when I was thinking about talking to you, I got this vision in my head of a stereotypical taxi driver drinking a huge cup of coffee and being really alert but irritable. And now if you add in a little CBD, they’re really alert but maybe a little more calm, and not as apt to honk the horn. I think that’s a potential area where there could be something good that comes from adding CBD to the coffee." Again, everyone's experience is going to be different - CBD and its benefits and effects are still being studied and clinical trials are being conducted.

If you're interested in trying CBD-infused coffee at home, you can find a delicious Fall recipe here!