5 Reasons CBD is All the Rage for Millenials

October 16, 2019

5 Reasons CBD is All the Rage for Millenials

These days, CBD is EVERYWHERE and found increasingly in products, drinks, and food. Hollywood's elite are using CBD oil (Willie Nelson even has a line of CBD-infused coffee), coffee shops are serving CBD lattes, and some veterinarian offices are selling CBD products for dogs. CBD is certainly proving itself diverse, and making waves with those young and old - specifically, however, with the millennial generation. 

It's no secret that health and wellness of mind and body are a priority with most millenials. Yoga and mediation participation is at an all-time high, boutique fitness activities are on the rise, there's a heavy focus on eating well, and an important push to normalize mental health is being made. More natural and healthier alternatives to traditional medications are also sought in increasing proportions. All of this is backed up by the fact that the global wellness market is at a high of $4.2 trillion. 

CBD products and oils are being taken for a variety of reasons - from pain relief, to anxiety, to skin care, and more. But what's making this hemp-derived oil extra popular with the millennial generation? Below, we'll take a look at 5 reasons CBD is all the rage for millennials. 

1. It's seen as a natural alternative to traditional anxiety medication.

It's no secret that medications traditionally prescribed for anxiety can be strong and habit forming. For this reason, many anxiety sufferers seek natural solutions and alternatives for treatment. CBD shows promise in relieving symptoms related to anxiety and is increasingly being purchased and used by millennials for this reason.

Note: It is not recommended that you stop taking any anxiety medication without speaking to your physician first.

2. It's viewed as a helpful additive to caffeine.

CBD is starting to make an appearance in coffee shops as an additive to lattes and other coffee drinks. Cafe owners and their customers often claim that when CBD is added to coffee, it helps to balance out jitteriness that often accompanies caffeine use.

3. Many use it to relieve stress without the high.

Two of the most popular forms of stress relief - smoking marijuana and imbibing alcohol - have mind altering effects. For millenials wishing to skip the high, but still benefit from stress relief, CBD products have become increasingly used as an option.

4. It's being used to treat and prevent hangovers.

A surprising use for CBD that is gaining momentum is preventing and lessening effects of hangovers from alcohol consumption. Some users claim that CBD counteracts the negative side-effects of alcohol. There's even a brand of CBD detox drink called Sober Up that claims to prevent hangovers and support liver health.

5. The use of CBD for skincare is trending.

There's a trend with makeup and skincare companies to include CBD in some product lines. CBD is touted as not only providing healthy benefits to user's skin, but also in improving general feelings of well-being and health. The brand Milk Makeup is one of those companies. They have an entire line of CBD-infused makeup and skincare products called KUSH. that covers everything from foundation to mascara.